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Meet Mae

MaeInogen, Inc., manufacturer of the Inogen One Family of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, was founded in 2001 to develop a better solution for oxygen therapy users, providing them with freedom and independence.

Mae was the inspiration behind Inogen. A beloved grandmother unwilling to accept the status quo of her COPD and the oxygen therapy solutions available, Mae’s candid observations and longing for improved quality of life provided the impetus for Inogen to create a better oxygen therapy solution for her and the millions of oxygen users like her worldwide. Without Mae, Inogen would not exist.

In the summer of 2000, Mae was prescribed oxygen after earlier being diagnosed with COPD. The oxygen therapy solutions that were available were very restrictive. She would complain about the difficulty of switching tanks, replacing the conserver, and having to carry an endless extra supply of bottles. During Christmas of 2000, Mae had to make a 9-hour car trip to celebrate the holiday at the home of relatives. It was there that the entire family witnessed the hardships of oxygen therapy. Every trip out of the house had to be calculated so she wouldn’t run out of oxygen. She would constantly ask, “Why isn’t there a better oxygen therapy solution?”

After serving as unofficial consultant during its development, Mae was presented the first Inogen One in October 2004. And we knew immediately that we’d done something right. Her reaction? “Better than anything I could have ever hoped for.”

Today we are Inogen – a cohesive team of entrepreneurs, technologists, clinicians, and home healthcare veterans dedicated to producing innovative oxygen therapy solutions to respiratory home healthcare challenges.

Mae still inspires everything that Inogen does as a company. Even more so, Mae is an inspiration for each of us as individuals. Not afraid to ask questions, or to continually seek a better life, Mae refused to settle for the mediocre. Always looking towards the future and asking “why not,” Mae challenged Inogen to be inquisitive and innovative and to commit to the delivery of better solutions for oxygen therapy users -both for today, and for tomorrow.

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